About Fragments Production

Fragments is an independent student-run theatre production, a fragment of time. Co-founded by Millie Le and Liti Nguyen, with the thirst for creativity and performing arts, Fragments spontaneously rose up on a sunny day. Just like the name implied, this production is the collection of multiple stories, ideas and live wires of nervous hormones.





About "A Bullet for My Valentine" 

We found ourselves in the early 1930s with 17-year-old Hayley Brown locked up in a juvenile rehabilitation center. After a failed attempt to of escape, she came under the radar of 18-year-old Eli Weston, his gang and they began an extensive history of troubles. Intrigued by the new meat's peculiarly fickle nature, Eli was in for an even bigger surprise when she volunteered to help him find a way out. But the real question is, why was she sent here in in the first place?

The answer laid in a place nearer than they could all expect. Her home, her family, the spot where she found most at heart was indeed the root which tied her freedom in this cold room. Hayley was dull but Eli’s hope reflected on her. However, sadly, even the brightest of dream could not save a haunted past. When it came down to Hayley, a gun in her hand and the outside world, she picked something we did not expect.

My path of becoming Eli Dean Weston -- the main male character


To make this musical play happen, I dedicated



37 DAYS  

114 HOURS of Singing practice   

222 HOURS of Acting practice 

148 HOURS of Dancing practice 

More Than Just a Show


Fragments Production: "A Bullet for My Valentine" was created and put up not only for the purpose of entertaining people or showcase our work, but also to raise awareness and transmit profound messages about sensitive matters. In this musical, domestic violence, teenage suicide, mental disorders, and power abusing were all coated in metaphorical lines and melodious lyrics. For these special ‘censors’, the audience absorbed our messages in their own perspective without being exposed too dramatically. We want arts, specifically theatre, to be the voice of unheard folks out there, not having chances to share their untold stories. We understood the importance of bringing sensitive matters on stage where it receives valuable considerations. That is why we work hard, and do it until the last minute with our whole hearts and bravery inside.

And About


I had a golden chance to be casted as Eli Dean Weston, the main male character of this play. 

Eli is a fictional character created and depicted as a proud, smug yet charming leader of a gang and a popular presence in the eyes of most other prisoners. He has a daredevil nature that desires to adventure at every turn, but this very nature was also the thing that finds itself imprisoned by brick walls and indifferent guards with all his shining aspirations.


Eli is a hideaway, a reminder when you are in need, and when you think you don’t need. He is simply there to catch you off guard, to allow yourself to go back to your main road. He is a male figure one needs, the shoulder for one wants but refuse to lie on. He stands before the death of the person his heart holds dearest, the only breath that has ever made him question his own.

Eli is his own paradox, and no one is really supposed to know him.


Yet, whichever part of the contradictory paradox he lets out for the world to see, it can be founded to be the gleam into one’s distressing soul. What he hideaway are proven to be unnecessary. Just like the self-doubt, the pain and the dark. All is left is what you desire. 

I write a poem about the connection between me and Eli Dean Weston, check it out! 

She describes me as


All photos were taken by Duong Nguyen 


Listen to some songs that I sang in the play!