See the world through my lens. 

Along with theatre, photography is an additional tool I use to express my personality, taste, thoughts, emotion, and observation without having to speak. Photography, to me, is more than just taking or editing photos; it is all about catching moments and creating what is only thought to be in imagination, as there is absolutely no limitation in this type of Art, or any Art. Here are some of the ‘moments’ that I captured in my projects

"Common Stuff"

"What is so true about common sense? It ain't so common." This project is inspired by this idea as I am always inspired by what is happening around me. Here are some of my few favorites. 

"College Life"

Casual, natural, and familiar are the three words to describe this project. Inspired by daily college life, this project aims to depicts how college students live and interact everyday. Just thattttt simple!  

"Into the Woods"

There will always be a princess of a forest. There she represents the light, the hope. It is only when you enter the darkest side of the forest that you may find her. Just like that, it is only when you see a woman in the toughest situation that you may realize how strong she is. 

"Hey, I like stuffed animals" 

"Yes, I love stuffed animals. Stuffed animals are cute. I like having something to hold on to, you know? When I was growing up, they were a treat for me. If my parents had enough money, they would buy me a stuffed animal. I still have my childhood stuffed lion, his name is Thomas. I think I've had him for about 12 or 13 years. We are a little better off now, economically, but I think I still like stuffed animals because my parents would save up to buy them for me and they were something that I really loved. The fact that they would save up to buy stuffed animals for me showed me that my parents loved me. I associate plushes with my parents and the fact that they wanted to give me everything they possibly could. I have a rough relationship with my dad right now so I think buying and collecting plushes reminds me of the times that he would do the same for me." 

Everyone has stories to tell, even it is about stuffed animals. I did this project because I appreciate how surprising, incredible and beautiful people' stories are.  

"Why do you wear makeup?"

She is beautiful. She is unique. She is special. It's just heartbreaking to see that she cries. Why? She admits that she wears thick layers of makeup to cover up how empty she feels inside. it is only when she removes these fake colors that she realizes an angel is reborn.   

This photoshoot aims to describe a sad yet common truth nowadays: a lot of people wear makeup just to cover up their emptiness inside. 

So, why do you wear makeup?